Surgical Procedures

Breast augmentation (Augmentation mammaplasty) $3,348 $1,028,470,806
Breast implant removals (Augmentation patients only)
Breast lift (Mastopexy) $4,301 $397,702,379
Breast reduction in men (Gynecomastia) $3,282 $58,748,692
Buttock implants
Buttock lift $4,709 $16,735,934
Calf augmentation
Cheek implant (Malar augmentation) $2,553$22,538,578
Chin augmentation (Mentoplasty) $2,178 $30,752,676
$1,077 $85,045,683
Ear surgery (Otoplasty)
$2,791 $82,142,581
Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) $2,963$656,011,019
Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Forehead lift $3,192$134,259,724
Hair transplantation $4,451 $78,241,548
Lip augmentation (other than injectable materials)

$1,756 $36,390,317
Liposuction $2,881 $706,146,023
Lower body lift $7,273 $67,532,778
Nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty) $4,197 $1,171,821,853
Pectoral implants

$3,591 $4,793,639
Thigh lift $4,656 $42,309,434
Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) $5,167 $628,535,620
Upper arm lift $3,761$52,878,787


Botox® $391 $979,934,873
Cellulite treatment
$234 $8,622,780
Chemical peel $815 $854,232,114
Laser hair removal $456 $406,270,172
Laser skin resurfacing
$2,128 $220,046,342
  Non-ablative (Fraxel, etc.)
$1,359 $403,387,272
  Laser treatment of leg veins

$397 $88,042,856
  Microdermabrasion $200 $168,188,092
  Sclerotherapy $331 $124,235,959
Soft Tissue Fillers
  Calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse™) $707 $126,816,851
    Porcine/bovine-based (Evolence, Zyderm,     Zyplast)
$452 $15,163,109
    Human-based (Cosmoderm, Cosmoplast,
$467 $67,891,148
  Fat$1,563 $72,246,670
  Hyaluronic acid (Hylaform®, Hylaform Plus®,   Restylane®,Juvederm™,Perlane®,Captique®)$578 $641,425,169
  Polylactic acid (Sculptra™) $1,019 $81,165,594
(including surgical)

All 2008 average surgeon/physician fees figures are projected.
Fees generally vary according to region of country and patient needs.
These fees are averages only. Fees do not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.
Statistical data courtesy of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Nowadays everyone talks about plastic surgery. Increasingly more people want to change their appearance and delay the effects of aging through both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery prices may vary based on the surgeon’s expertise and experience, complexity of the procedure and other factors.

Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen. This intervention proved to be very effective for patients with loose tissues after childbirth or weight loss. Diet and exercise are not always effective because this deformity is mainly the result of structural changes.

Please note that this type of surgery is not a weight loss method; it just makes the abdomen firmer, improving the profile and silhouette. Abdominoplasty is very useful in case of stretch marks or scars from the lower abdomen. The price ranges from $4, 000 to as much as $20, 000. Tummy tuck prices include the particular type of procedure, the surgeon’s practice and discretion and hospitalization fees.

Liposuction is a surgical technique that removes the fat tissues located between the skin and muscle. It is a method that proves to be successful and very popular, allowing men and women to improve their body shape through a simple and safe procedure. Liposuction improves the silhouette, but doesn’t eliminate cellulite! The amount of fat removed is determined by the size of the correction needed (several hundred ml. To several liters of fat). How much does liposuction cost? Well, prices may vary depending on the specific area targeted, the technology used, operating room fees, lab work, etc. Usually, the total cost doesn’t exceed $7, 500.

Breast augmentation (Augmentation mammoplasty) involves the use of silicone or saline breast implants to make smaller breasts appear larger. Unfortunately, no other method increases breast size and consistency. Therefore breast augmentation has become one of the most common surgical procedures used in cosmetic surgery. Implants can be of different types, shapes and sizes, depending on the patient needs. The average plastic surgery prices for breast augmentation is about $3, 406, being determined by the cost of breast implants themselves and their placement. The price doesn’t include surgical garments, pre- and post-operative care, anesthesia and other facilities.

Rhynoplasty is of the most frequently requested types of cosmetic surgery. It is a surgical technique that reshapes the nose, in order to improve its function or appearance. This procedure is often performed in case of trauma, breathing problems and birth defects. The cost of rhynoplasty varies from $3, 000 to $8, 000 and depends on the extent of the surgery, postoperative care, location and individual needs and goals.

Rhytidectomy (facelift) is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure that removes and reduces wrinkles or excess skin or fat on the face, the devastating effects of aging. It is addressed to those who want to have a youthful appearance. The results depend largely on the surgeon’s skills. Facelifts are also extremely useful for eliminating loose skin folds in the neck. The average rhytidectomy price is about $6, 000.

As you see, plastic surgery prices depend on several factors, such as the surgeon’s fee, hospitalization fees, postoperative care, etc. However, there are many excellent financing options for those who can’t afford to pay the price entirely.

Typical plastic surgery pricing information depends on a number of factors, including the sex of the patient who is looking at plastic surgery and the type of procedure that the person desires the plastic surgeon to perform. What’s for sure is that many more people today — both men as well as women — are looking at plastic surgery as a way to improve their appearance.

Plastic surgery is an intervention that involves a medical doctor trained in surgical procedures undertaking those procedures in order to change or improve certain physical aspects of the patient. Commonly, the areas on a person’s body most often undergoing surgery include the face, and neck, the breasts, the waist and the nose. Surgeries can eliminate wrinkles from hands, also, as well as other common areas.

In general, typical plastic surgery pricing all depends on the complexity of the surgical procedure and the experience of the surgeon doing the procedure. There are, however, general prices that exist and which a person can make use of when it comes to deciding on plastic surgery. Additionally, financing programs exist, and some surgeons even carry their own payment plans in order to assist their patients.

As far as the most popular nonsurgical intervention goes, it is — of course — Botox. More and more men and women are choosing to be injected with the substance, especially in those areas around the eyes and lips. It can tighten up muscles and smooth away wrinkles for extended periods of time, and the cost generally runs from $500-$600 depending on the injection site.

Actual plastic surgery and the prices charged for such surgeries depend on whether the patient is a male or female and what the specific procedure called for is. In females, the most popular plastic surgery is still the breast augmentation procedure. A high-quality surgery can run upwards of $7000 for both breasts. Usually, silicone or saline are the implant materials of choice.

There is probably no one who hasn’t heard of the term “facelift, ” and it is a comprehensive procedure that can run a woman nearly $5000 for the works. The best surgeons in the business who are the most highly experienced may charge upwards of $10, 000, but the quality of their work is without doubt the finest. There are chemical peels available that eliminate wrinkles for upwards of $2000, by the way.

When it comes to male surgeries, one that is gaining in popularity is the penis enlargement procedure. Males are paying from $3500-$8000 for the procedure. The cost will depend on what is asked for of the surgeon by the patient, including enhancing size or other characteristics. A rhinoplasty or nose job in a male will run around $6000 because it is so complex, and simple liposuction will cost nearly $3500.

Today, there is probably no single part of a male or female body that cannot be enhanced or improved or otherwise gotten at through surgery. Typical plastic surgery pricing, therefore, reflects the fact that more and more men than women are taking advantage of such surgeries, which tends to make them very popular. Never forget, though, to make sure that the physician doing the surgery has enough experience and is board certified.